I’m a Tourist.

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Who am I

Hi, thanks for visiting. I’m Wayne Wu, a freelance nature and travel photographer. For the past three years I spend most of time traveling in southeast Asia, well, alone. When not on the road, I stay in Guangzhou, China. My career as a photographer started when I received a degree of MSc Biological Photography and Imaging from Nottingham University. It has been seven years since. While exploring the career path, I also worked as a photo editor, fixer, lecturer, field guide and magazine columnist. Still, the best part of the job is to take a camera out into the field then come back home with a nice basket of photos.

What am I doing

I love things to be natural and true. The lovable nature of animals always find a way to amaze me, hmmm… except mosquitoes and leeches. From a intelligent move of beetles to a emotional response of gibbons, it is fascinating to discover how much they are not that different from us. What about people itself then? I wondered. Despite often being headaches to the mother nature, after all we are the most varied and the most complexed living life.

The photos here hold my explorations to the brightness of people and nature. A beautiful world.

Contact Me

Wayne Wu

E-mail Wayne@WayneImage.com  |  Mobile (+86) 186 0790 6806
Facebook facebook.com/wayneimage  |  Weibo weibo.com/wayneimage
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